Located in the municipality of Póvoa de Lanhoso, a few minutes from the city of Braga and Geres, the resort "Casa dos Moinhos", is a fascinating place for its beautiful nature and friendly.

Your peace is a call for calm and relaxation, ideal place to relax.

Its privileged location, set in a landscape context and environmental beauty and tranquility of a printer, you invite the one truly relaxing tourist accommodation, where contact with nature is a constant. Note that the sound generated by water flow that runs this property, and feeds the mill, is something very enjoyable.

This unique area is about 100 years where there were three generations, the former owner Mr. Albano Fernandes and his wife, in 1982 succeeded by Mr. Antonio Vieira and Emília Cardoso, parents of the current owner in 2006 for the passing Mr. Cândido Vieira and Cristina Carvalho.

That was the year it all began when Mr. Candido Vieira and his family purchased this starting place, then the restoration, giving rise to the idea of making this site a friendly place of leisure, where we can share with you this natural beauty and good can remember moments.

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the lau...